The New Monarchy

by The Pleasure

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Our last album is what I consider to be the defining release of our short career as The Pleasure. This is the music that nobody was making that we wanted to listen to. This music is what we brought along on our only real tour of the east coast. It's what we took into our only real radio interview, and what we played at our biggest hometown show. We loved it and will continue to love it even as our time together draws to a close. I hope you'll love it just as much.



released July 22, 2011

All songs written and performed by The Pleasure
Engineered and mixed by Ray Gagliardino at Studio 825 in Wilmington, Delaware, June 2011.
Mastered by Andy Bartow at Black Dog Studios in Tampa, Florida.

Sam Barry - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Jonathan Cooney - Vocals, Guitar
Tyler Pruitt - Bass
Elliott Sidell - Drums
Sean Williams - Guitar



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Track Name: Hang In There, Jimmy Live on WSTW (BONUS)
Hey, sister what's your rush
to get across the parking lot they paved
only yesterday?
The stores aren't open yet,
and there's nothing but naked mannequins
with no instructions told to them.
Nor do they greet us
with plastered smiles I suspect you've learned to imitate
to my dismay.
You've grown so far from everything I expected.
Don't you dare think I hate you for that.

On the contrary, in fact,
I want you to fill my shoes every day I'm gone.

Gotta gotta give it up, you gotta give it up.
You've gotta grow up some day.
You can't stay the same forever;
this was bound to happen eventually.

Don't say you'll miss me.
Give yourself just two months' time;
I'll be out of your mind completely.
But I want you to know
that you're not just a notch in my bedpost.
Don't consider me down for the count.

I'll do the same for you,
and when I come home,
we'll reminisce of all the things that we went through like the night you told me

"Gotta gotta give it up, you gotta give it up.
You've gotta grow up some day.
You can't stay the same forever."
But I made excuses and I
Run, run, run away
from everything that makes me shiver
when its one hundred degrees outside.

When I'm king of that castle, there will be no queen.
When I'm king of that castle, I won't forget you.
Track Name: Overland Live on WSTW (BONUS)
I'm setting sail with everything I've stolen:
a map I can't read,
her heart,
his gold,
and everything in between.

I've stowed away on this pirate ship
adorned with tattered black sails,
and we've no course set save
for wherever the wind prevails.

Spell out, my gentlemen.
Pray for calm seas.
We'll follow these currents wherever the waves please.

I'll never cut my line
tied to the dock in our hometown
in case I want to come back home again.
I hope to God that you'll be there waiting for me
on the day of my return from the sea.

We would spend all hours with fishing lines tied to our toes,
and no one would ever know how to comprehend everything we had.
In two years time,
when there's no bounty on my head,
I'll return from my journey west

with meat on my bones,
hair on my face,
but no weight on my heart.

If my vessel sinks,
and by some miracle,
I see you
floating by my side,
we could spend our lives
on a desert island together,
and we'll be just fine.