Face Your Fears (Acoustic Single)

by The Pleasure

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Face your fears.

They're watching you from hidden doorways and sealing off the exits - there's no way that we're leaving here tonight. Wipe away your tears. There is nothing here to be afraid of. I've never been one for wasted potential, so step back in your place.

It's all we made for you to last, and it's all you have. So leave behind your past but remember it fondly, the way it should have been.

We've sent you all around the world, hope you listened when you were told to find your way all on your own. We'll send you our prayers from home.

Don't kid yourself, your journey started long ago. You should really be the one to know that you've been headed here your whole life. Today I've walked a thousand miles, tomorrow we sail away. I should really be the one to say that you were wrong, and that's why we're strong.

You can't just turn your gaze away, it's here to stay. Listen to what the others have to say. Don't sell yourself short, it's what we're here for.

If it's in our nature to leave no stone unturned then someday we'll have it figured out, keep moving until we're sure.

Face your fears. You're not alone.


released January 28, 2012
Recorded by Jonathan Cooney & Sam Barry in Jonathan's bedroom, January 2012.



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